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Tinnitus Treatment Solutions

Designed for Your Individual Needs

Tinnitus (“TIN-a-tus” or “Tin-EYE-tus”) is the medical term for the sensation of hearing sound in your ears when no external sound is present. In most cases, tinnitus is a subjective noise, meaning only the sufferer can hear it.  Typically, sufferers describe the sound as “ring in ears”, though others describe it as hissing, buzzing, whistling, roaring and even chirping. At Altoona Professional Hearing Aid Center, we offer solutions for all types and levels of tinnitus

The Effects of Tinnitus

Because tinnitus is subjective, it affects people in different ways.  For some, it’s minor annoyance, one they can deal with easily.  For others, it can result in more serious issues, such as:
  • Long-term sleep disruption
  • Changes in cognitive ability
  • An inability to concentrate
  • Stress in relationships
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Employment challenges

Sadly, there is no known cure, but there is relief

According to the American Tinnitus Association, there are ways to get tinnitus relief, including counseling and sound therapy.  They recommend that anyone with tinnitus should see a specialist experienced in tinnitus treatment.

Xino Tinnitus

Xino Tinnitus creates a customizable and comforting sound stimulus that can be fine-tuned to soothe the unique, irritating sounds you hear.  The result is personalized sound therapy designed to:
  • Mask or cover up your tinnitus
  • Reduce the loudness of your tinnitus
  • Take your focus off your tinnitus
And because many cases of tinnitus involve hearing loss, Xino Tinnitus features advanced hearing aid technology, as amplification has been shown to help with relief.
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