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Hearing loss affects family members...

July 11, 2022
Hearing loss affects family members, too
One common reason why people with hearing loss put off getting help is the misperception that it only affects them. They’re the one who can’t hear, so if it’s not a problem for them, it shouldn’t be a problem for others. 

Physically, the inability to hear warning sounds or the voices of those who depend on the individual with hearing loss could potentially put lives in danger. Even emotionally, the impact can resonate throughout family and social circles — from frustration with repeating things over and over, to sadness at seeing a loved one isolate themselves from the people and activities they enjoy. 

“Please turn down the TV!”
Stories of family members putting up with televisions turned too loud, and colleagues or service workers feeling insulted when their questions or attempts at conversation go “ignored” are almost cliché by now — as well as loved ones feeling slighted by what they perceive to be “selective hearing.” We even heard one story where the young daughter of a woman with hearing loss misinterpreted her mother’s lack of response to her questions as lack of love instead.

Don’t put off getting help any longer
With today’s advances in hearing science and technology, there’s no longer a reason to let hearing loss negatively affect you or those you care about the most. To arrange for a free hearing test, consultation or hearing aid demonstration, simply go to our Contact Us page and submit your information. We will be in touch to schedule your free appointment.


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